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Drawing is one of the best arts in practice. It is not only a good investment for a good career.

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Type of Software

Different types of drawing can be drawn differently by using our free hand or a computer.  While some prefer drawing pictures by hand, some prefer to use software for drawing. There are various software applications that are being developed to help the artists to ease their work. These applications can be basically divided into three different categories.

Bitmap drawing software:  Here, the images are handled as pixels or bits. The color of the pixel has to be modified to change the color of the image. There are many bitmap drawing software available today. This type of software is good in manipulating the existing images and can also be used for casual drawing. But, when it comes to increasing the size of the image, the quality of the image reduces.  While some software is good at creating images, some are good in editing and some are good in both creation and editing.

Vector drawing software: This type of software handles the drawing of the images as a mere formula rather than considering the bits and pixels. One can create or edit images easily in this type of software. As the images are not handled as pixels, one can easily resize the images without losing its quality. As smooth curves and lines are easily possible with this type of software, these are best for graphic designing.

Computer Aided Designing Software:  This type of software is used in places where the detailed technical description is required. The design of circuit board diagram is a good example of this type of software. This type of software is generally used in production plans, building plans and designing the vehicle.

Thus, each software is used to fulfill different needs and is used in different places. So, one must know the proper use of the software before getting skilled in it. In other words, when you have to deal with building plans or vehicle designing, then it is not sufficient even if you have knowledge about bitmap drawing software.

Understand the uses of each type of software and get trained in the one you like to excel.